A New Way Forward for Air Traffic Control

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Providers of Air Navigation Services urgently need to develop new 21st Century systems to meet the increasingly pressing needs of all commercial, military and recreational airspace users.
Better automation to meet the requirements of the controller and the pilot is agreed by all to be the way forward but conventional thinking has failed to provide the full answer.


The fact of the matter is this: while the Germans can claim to have come up with the car, the Italians with electricity and the French with flight, everything else that has ever mattered in the whole of human history has come from a man in a shed in Britain.

Jeremy Clarkson, The Sunday Times, 13th April 2008

The commercial transport of passengers and goods by air continues to become safer and more efficient. To a large extent improved engineering and automation on board the aircraft have facilitated this improvement. Many flights are now routinely conducted on two engines using on-board computers monitored by a flightdeck crew of two people. Even fly-by-wire primary control systems have been widely accepted. On the ground in air traffic control centres and airport towers around the world things are rather different. Although radar systems and flight plan processing systems are computerised the business of tactical air traffic control is still considered to be a job that can only be done by a human being. This approach has served us well for over half a century but the time has now come for the human controller to be given the genuinely useful tools he (or she) should have.

The core of ATC has remained unaltered since World War II. Advances have been made in information displays and safety nets but not in genuinely revolutionary automated tools.

Jean-Marc Garot, Head of Research at Eurocontrol Brétigny, 2001

This website is produced to show that a genuinely revolutionary automated tool now exists. A tool which is easy to implement, easy to use, easy to adapt to any airspace and extremely inexpensive. It comes with carefully constructed arguments to support its efficiency, safety, capacity and cost benefits.

This tool is part of a comprehensive and fully defined Concept of Operations called     The New Model for Air Traffic Control.

The tool is also designed to facilitate a fully evolutionary approach to getting from where we are today to where we want to be in the future.

At last, someone has shown me where the innovation could be in this business.

Richard Everitt, CEO of UK National Air Traffic Services, 2002

I wish you every success in your campaign to deliver a complete overhaul of world-wide Air Traffic Control. You may take this letter as full support for your cause.

Letter from the Chief Executive of a Leading Low Fares Airline, June 2005

Your general approach to the ATM problem and the conclusions that you have drawn from the specific work match to a great extent our ideas for the future ATM system. I presume that you are aware that many researchers and decision makers have a different view. Not only is this frustrating, but it also delays the real improvement of the ATM system significantly.

Communication from a Senior Researcher in Air Traffic Management, Eurocontrol

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Page Two: To read about the background to the New Model and something of how it works go to:   The Concept of Operations

Page Three: To read about or download the functional single sector simulator go to:   The Demonstrator - A Functional Single Sector Simulator

Page Four: To see how the concept might benefit the business of Air Navigation Service Provision and the world’s environment go to:   A Discussion of the Benefits

Page Five: To read how some of the commonly raised points are addressed go to:   Frequently Asked Questions

Page Six: For notes about the author of this site and contact information go to:   About and Contact Information

I Want to See the Demonstrator NOW!

Go to the Demonstrator page and read the Quick Start Guide. BUT PLEASE BEWARE! What at first sight may appear to be nothing more than a rather trivial video game with no relevance to the real world is actually a very carefully thought-out product based on thirty years of international experience. The New Model Concept satisfies all genuine requirements (especially those for safety and reliability) for a future Air Traffic Management or Flight Data Processing System.

To see how almost all of the fundamentals for a modern concept were established over 49 years ago please read this paper:

The Impact Of Automation On Air Traffic Control

Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those timid spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.

Theodore Roosevelt, Dare Mighty Things

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